YOGA LLAMA is a brand with a conscience. By caring for our planet, empowering communities and assisting conservation, we aim to make life a little better for all beings. Shop for your unique Yoga Mat Bags and More!


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What's in a


of the llama is layered, firstly in a traditional meditation position, secondly in an infinity sign and thirdly into the outline of a lotus flower, a symbol of purity and spiritual enlightenment.
llama is also threefold.  Firstly, for the little furry creatures I fell in love with while climbing the Andean Inca trail in Peru. Secondly because the word Lama (spelled with one “L” though), is the Tibetan name for a spiritual teacher and thirdly as a dedication to my sister, Llani, who constantly watches over me.
And lastly, the nose of the llama is in the shape of a little heart, which, of course, represents my own yoga heart.